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Gas Detector CG-686N

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Product Description

Item Specifications
Detects Methane (NG), Butane (LPG)
Alarm Concentration 10% LEL For Both Gases
Alarm Method Chirping Sound, LED Light Indication, Alam >85db @ 1m
Sensor Technology Catalytic Combustion
Power Consumption <6.5w
Weight <400g

Advantages of Gas Detector Developed By City Gas

  • Made in Japan, the Gas Detector is designed to detect Town Gas (TG), Natural Gas (NG), and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), the common types of gases used in Singapore homes. The Gas Detector is tested to Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) standards
  • Hot-Wire Semiconductor Sensor detection principle – good for gas safety and also designed to detect the whole gas mixture itself rather than specific target gases in mixture.
  • Voice messages provide specific instructions on top of the warning alarm so as to prevent home owners from panicking.
  • Filter installed inside the sensor to reduce rates of detection for non-target gas compounds and particulate matter (e.g alcohol-based solvents in aerosols, dust etc.)



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